Monday, October 31, 2011

Second Entry: Religion and School

Many have been asking what my culture is. I am half Moroccan (Mother) and half Syrian (Father). I am first generation here in the states was born in Houston, Texas. My parent's divorced when I was two and I moved around a lot throughout my childhood due to my step dad being in the military. I can say that I pretty much have been to every state except for Hawaii, North Dakota, South Dakota, and North Carolina. I did enjoy seeing new places but I did not enjoy going to 13 different elementary schools (A few private and most public). Which I think has now affected me in my adulthood. I never had time to grow up around friends and build solid relationships, so now it makes it very easy for me to walk away from friendships and intimate relationships. The longest friend I have been friends with is coming on 11 years and still going strong @Laurel_Lee143. I also did a lot of traveling and experienced many different cultures growing up, which I am very accepting to new environments.
My mother strongly believed that private schooling was the best schooling no matter what the religious beliefs were. So I did not have any choice when it came to picking out which school I wanted to attend. My mother was a Muslim although she did not practice the religion but she definitely embedded it into my head. I knew that although my family was Arab and it's natural to be a Muslim, I just didn't want to be that religion by choice. I asked a lot questions about the Muslim religion so that I could get a better idea as to why they prayed the way that they did and what the beliefs were. So I would read to Quran and just watch what everyone did. I learned that the Arab culture is not the religion and I learned that terrorists do not show a good example of what Islam is really about. Those are two opposite spectrum's that have many American's questioning the religion. Please remember  that Islam prohibits terrorism and the men bombing learned the wrong way as children and that is all they were brought up to know and do. Suicide is the biggest sin in the Islam culture! Women pray behind men so that the guys don't stare at their asses, and women cover up because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I speak Arabic but I cannot write or read it.
 The first private school was Catholic where I was baptized there, second Lutheran private school, third Mormon, fourth Christian, and fifth Muslim schooling. I disliked attending any private schools!!!! But I did learn one thing  haha. In the end, all the religions are the same. We are all trying to get to one goal! Some do it through prophets, Mary, Jesus, reincarnation, etc....But it is all the same! Now that is what has left me confused, which religion should I be now as an adult? Well conclusion...none! I believe in a higher power and I believe that the Earth is your schooling. If you are a good person and if you do good to others no matter how much you masturbate, how lazy you are, how messy your home is, how bad you do at your day job. You are still a good person at the end of the day and that is all that matters! We all go through struggles in our lives and we will continue to have ups and down throughout our entire life, but it up to YOU to make the change and it's up to YOU to drive yourself to your own accomplishments. You can pray all day but you have to pray and also do something about it for yourself. Not pray and sit and wait for it to come to you.
 Thank you for taking the time to read this entry.

Signing off,
Nakita Lynn

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