Sunday, October 30, 2011

Very first entry...

As a child I grew up around a lot of highly educated, but not so street smart people. I would sit back and observe my family, friends, and strangers. I enjoyed watching people and their demeanor. Call me weird but it definitely made me who I am today. I learned I could easily get along with the most stubborn, selfish, and self-centered person. But I could also get along with the most genuine, loving, caring natured person. 
My first job was at the age of 15 where I became a hostess at a restaurant. I thought I was so cool! Being able to go to work and make minimum wage for a full 4-6 hours, 3-5 days a week. Gosh I felt special! When I received my very first paycheck I thought to myself "I should make a copy and frame this. Than go shopping and get useless crap that I don't need!"I came up with all the wonderful things that I could do with $236.00 that I made every 2 weeks lmao, but...well I ended up giving my first paycheck to my mother and all the rest of my checks to my mother. She didn't " need" the money, but somehow I had the words going through my head repeating to me "She gave you life now pay her back." She took my checks and would pay back her monthly student loans with it. Yes it did irritate me at times when my friends wanted to go out, but I opted to stay home because I didn't have money, although I could have asked my mother. But I didn't want to be a burden, so I would just avoid going out most of the times. I love my mom and I would do anything for her.
I have experienced different positions such as property management, than to real estate with teaching belly dancing part-time, to going live on cam online. I know how it feels to bust my ass to make little money and for that, I appreciate the smaller things in life. I also appreciate how it is to work so little and make great money. I thank God everyday for what he has provided me and what is yet to come in my future. I know what I want, and I am willing to wait for it until the time is right. And YES I do believe in God and YES I do masturbate just like you all do.

Signing off,
Nakita Lynn


  1. What a heart warming peek into your life. Thank you for sharing!!


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