Thursday, March 8, 2012

The cleanser that will have you shitting!

So as a few of you may know, I enjoy juicing as it makes my skin beautiful, my mind clear, and my weight decrease. But juicing is mainly to cleanse and boy do I have the perfect remedy for you which I got from a dear friend of mine. This is what you do. First you can't smoke, Second no coffee, and third no alcohol! This is a cleanse remember.
First you use 5 Kale leaves
peeled lemon, cut it in half and put the other half away
4 stalks of celery
2 peeled carrots
1 whole peeled cucumber
tip of  a thumb size piece of Ginger
2 GREEN apples That is all you need! Than you will start shitting away! Drink that recipe 4-6 times a day and just make it over and over each time you get hungry. Holy shit it works! Can I get an AMEN!!!!


  1. I have the Juice Man it costed around $90.00

  2. Juice cleansing has no proven health benefits

  3. I've dropped 30 lbs. by juicing. You have no idea what you are talking about Teengenerate. If you didn't look at the ingredients in her drink, look again. Her body is taking that in 5-6 times a day without the added fiber of all of the "meat" of the fruits and vegetables. The benefit is eating healthy, which is the key to losing weight.

  4. You missed my point. i didn't say you can't lose weight doing that. I said juice cleansing has no proven health benefit. Cleansing where all you do is cleanse your body by drinking liquids for 3 days.,9171,2108016,00.html

  5. Hi are you ever going to do a dance with Kings of Leon Closer again?